Slovak cases         

There are six cases in Slovak language


The nominative

 Answer the quuestion                 kto ? čo ?        who ? or what ?         pes

The genitive  

Answer the question                 koho ? čoho ? of whom ? or of what ?  psa

The dative

Answer the question              komu? čomu? To whom ? to what?      Psovi

The accusative

Answer the question                   koho ? čo? Whom ? what?            Psa

The locative

answer the question   o kom ? o čom ? about whom ? about what ? psovi

The instrumental

 Answer the  question    kým ? čím?  With  whom ? with what? Psom


 The nominative                                    psy

 The genitive                                         psov

The dative                                            psom

The accusative                                     psy

The locative                                         psoch

The instrumental                                  psami

This is just example of noun pes used in every cases in singular and plural   not  the paradigm.


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